Egypt’s ranking globally in the production and export of citrus

Egypt is one of the most exporting countries in citrus production in general, and it ranked first in the export of citrus for the third time in a row in 2020.

Types of citrus fruits in Egypt

Egypt is famous for producing many varieties of oranges, mandarin and lemon

The following is an overview of these items:

1- Orange, Abu Sora, Washington

An excellent variety found in Lower Egypt, especially the delta region, except for desert areas. Some high-quality and productive strains, such as the 1-31 strain, have been elected and distributed to farmers along and the cultivated area 150 thousand feddans.

2- Baladi orange

It is a juicy variety, but the number of seeds is blemished with the phenomenon of navigating fruits, especially at the end of the season. The Horticultural Research Institute has elected a new breed that does not contain these defects and is called the improved municipal orange. Also, some foreign strains were imported such as Pine Apple, Parson Brown, Hamelin Clan William, and all of them are characterized by high quality of fruits with abundant yield and cultivated area of 40 thousand acres.

3- Valencian orange (summer)

The popularity of this variety has increased, especially in recent years, after its proven success in the new lands in the desert areas, and it is an excellent variety suitable for export besides the possibility of storing it on trees until the month of June. A thousand acres

4- Sugar oranges

Fruits are almost free of acidity, which shows them a clear glycaemic taste, despite the fact that the percentage of sugars in them does not exceed other varieties of oranges.

5- Khalili orange

An excellent variety, characterized by the large size of its fruits, its shape is oval, oblong, and the crust of the fruit is bright orange in colour and has a large thickness, which increases the ability of the fruits to bear the shipping and marketing, the taste of pulp and juice is luxurious and the seeds are very little or no, and there are two strains of which are white and white-red-green-colored.

6- Orange powder

Fruits are distinguished by the colouring of pulp, juice, and outer shell with one of the shades of red, due to the presence of red anthocyanins, which is a relatively late ripening variety and is popular with local markets.

7- Al-Yousifi Al-Baladi

It is one of the most citrus varieties that the Egyptian consumer accepts, but the large number of seeds suffers with the occurrence of the phenomenon of exchange of pregnancy and its intolerance to trading operations, especially at the end of the season.

8- Chinese mandarin

Imported variety is characterized by the large size of the fruits and the small number of seeds and the taste is good and can be grown at relatively narrow distances due to the nature of the growth of existing trees.

9- Youssefi Kino

Late maturity, which allows to prolong the period of displaying mandarin fruits in the market, but it is still under testing and evaluation under local conditions.

10- Youssefi Clementine

Among the varieties of tangerines whose shell has a reddish-orange colour with the absence of seeds from the seeds, as it is an early-ripening variety, except that its fruits are relatively small in size, but the poor yield is poor.

11- Egyptian salty lemon

Its cultivation succeeds in new lands especially in sandy soil due to its tolerance to thirst or drought conditions, and its fruits are characterized by high acidity (6-9%) in addition to that it is rich in Vitamin C, and farmers have strongly accepted to cultivate this variety in recent years due to the abundance

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