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About us

Who are we ?

We are a group of qualified, and experienced growers having a wide range of rich land in Delta region in Egypt. We also deal with the best suppliers guaranteed to provide the finest quality produce under our strict regulations and guidelines. We have our exporting specialists as well, so we know all about your needs, your taste, and your inspections.

Our vision

Clients are at the core of our business activities and Egyharvest has a drive and commitment to meet and exceed their expectations

Your global grower

Your Supportive Partner

Our mission

Providing product quality enhancements and integrity

Focusing on long term client relationships.

Effective management of commercial and co-operative relationships.

Providing stable product supply and timely, consistent information.

Sustaining a committed operation and system as required for continuous success

Offering competitive, fair and equitable pricing

Quality and safety

In Egyharvest, we are adopting a strict program for quality and safety starts with choosing seeds, monitoring the production process from planting to harvest then to Packing. In packing houses, we take complete care to check every single piece using the highest technology level of sorting and sizing to present the trusted product which is well Known n market we export to. 

Whatever your customers need to enjoy the freshest produce , we’re happy to make it available

Ordonia square, 10th of Ramadan city

Contact Info.

+20 106 22 77 388