The Peach in Egypt

Peach is one of the most beloved fruit crops for the Egyptians, and it has many local varieties and other varieties of foreign origin. Its cultivation in Egypt has been greatly expanded in the new lands, and it appears in the markets in different colors and almost the same shape, and a new shape has recently appeared in the markets, which is flat like peaches. Chinese.



Despite the opening of the Chinese markets to many Egyptian agricultural crops, there are some varieties of Chinese agricultural crops spread in the Egyptian markets, including the Chinese peaches or what is called “the squat peaches” or “the tameya peaches”, due to the strange problem that differs from the Egyptian peach varieties.



In this report, we monitor the most important information about the peach varieties, in addition to the “peach that is flat” and the most important characteristic of it.


“Florida Prince”


The “Florida Prince” variety is distinguished by its cold needs being available in the Egyptian environment. The skin is red, the flesh is yellow, of medium size. The kernel is attached to the flesh of high hardness. It appears early in the market in April, and it may be earlier than that by some transactions.


“Early Grand”


“Early Grand” variety is available in the Egyptian environment. The skin is reddish-yellow, the flesh is yellow. The fruits are large, hard, and the kernels stick together. It ripens somewhat late in the beginning of May, and it may be earlier than that in the south of the valley.


“Desert Reply”


“Desert Red” variety of medium hardness, red skin, yellow flesh, large fruit, large double fruits, ripening late May.




The “Swelling” variety is characterized by the color of the skin, red, whitish, the flesh is white, the core is separated from the flesh, fruits are late to June, high in sugar, and needs care in resisting the peach and fruit fly.



«Tropic Suite»


“Tropic Sweet” cultivar, skin color yellowish red, flesh yellow, high in sugar, matures in early June, its trees are medium growth.


«Tribek Snow»


Variety «Turbek Snow» skin is red and white, flesh is white core, loose, medium hard, high yield, medium sugar, ripening late May and early June.


«Florida 7/2»


“Florida 7/2” is an early nectarine variety that ripens in early May, the fruit is hard and round, the pulp is yellow and the color of the skin is yellowish red.


«Florida 5/17»


“Florida 5/17” variety, high yielding, ripening early June. Fruits are spherical with red skin and yellow flesh.


“Sun Red”


“Sun Red” variety, the fruits are large, loose kernel, and the flesh is yellow, ripening in early June. It is preferable to take care of placing pheromone and food traps for fruit flies and peaches to avoid the infestation of the fruits due to their extreme sensitivity to infection and rapid damage, especially the high-sugar late varieties.

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